Your martial arts journey begins here.
Winding River Karate Studio
333 Upper Front St.
Binghamton, NY

Upcoming Events

  • Thursday's Adult class (Mr. Rupert's 6:30 class) will continue at 7:00
  • Thursdays at 6:00 will be a red belt class (no longer just Dan prep).
  • Saturday's family class will be at 9:30 for the summer.
Saturday, October 1st - The 30th Autumn Invitational
More information can be found on the poster.

Future Studio Closings
  • Monday, September 5th - Labor Day
  • Keep an eye on the white board as it approaches for more information about the rest of the weekend
Future Gup Test Dates
  • Friday, September 9th
Future Dan Test Dates
  • 138th Dan Shim Sa - 10/15/16 - Long Island (changed from Southern NJ)

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